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August 5, 2014 – On Tuesday, August 5, Michigan voters overwhelmingly (69-31%; Associated Press) passed Proposal 1. The approval of this proposal authorizes the continuation of the "small business" exemption, which actually began for the 2014 tax year. This exemption applies to business that have equipment with a true cash value of $80,000 or less. The proposal also provides for a phase out of the personal property taxes on "eligible manufacturing personal property". This phase out will take begin for the 2016 tax year and will exempt all "eligible manufacturing personal property" by 2023. The proposal also authorizes several measures o replace the revenue that will be lost due to the new exemptions and authorizes the creation of a Local Community Stabilization Authority to levy the local share of the use tax and distribute that revenue to municipalities. The intent is to allow local municipalities to avoid cutbacks to services such as police and fire. (Source of information, State of Michigan State Fiscal Agency) Frischman Appraisal & Consulting can help you understand how this might affect your business. Contact us at 734-340-4096 or read more news
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I have had a very favorable experience working with the Frischman Appraisal & Consulting in the private sector as well as with Sharon Frischman in the public sector. Frischman Appraisal & Consulting is gaining a great reputation for their soaring level of expertise and professionalism in the field of machinery and equipment appraisal. Sharon Frischman is a highly sought after appraiser and consultant and has been involved in many high profile Michigan Tax Tribunal cases. Howard Frischman provides comprehensive research on each appraisal assignment. I feel confident in Frischman Appraisal & Consulting’s ability to give highly satisfactory appraisal and consulting services to whomever they serve. I look forward to working with them again in the future. Mark Rodriguez read more

About Frischman Appraisal & Consulting

Frischman Appraisal & Consulting can put the puzzle together. The combined training and experience of our employees as well as the partnerships that exist from many years of working with government officials, attorneys and appraisers give us the resources to solve your puzzles regarding property values, property tax law and exemptions, etc. Our network of professionals includes appraisers’ with MAI designations with several areas of expertise.

Frischman Appraisal holds memberships in the Appraisal Institute, Canton Chamber of Commerce, the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO), the Michigan Assessing Association (MAA) and the Michigan Manufactuers Association (MAA).

Sharon Frischman Sharon Frischman has over 20 years of experience in Property Assessment and Administration. Sharon is a certified Level IV Assessor in Michigan and holds a Certified General Appraiser Michigan License. Sharon’s experience in both small and large municipal government units give her a wide range of knowledge.

During Sharon’s career in assessment administration, she has developed many relationships with state and county governments, local government officials as well as attorneys and appraisers. In addition to her extensive mass appraisal experience, she has performed individual appraisals on residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Sharon holds a bachelor’s degree in Business as well as an as Associates Degree in Property Assessment Administration. Sharon has successfully completed the four-course core educational requirements for the American Society of Appraisers Machinery and Technical Specialty designation.

Howard Frischman Howard Frischman has 30 years experience in manufacturing. He has been directly involved in the manufacturing process as a manufacturing engineer, product development engineer and sales engineer. For the last 20 years, he has been representing both domestic and foreign automotive suppliers of machine tools and perishable tooling.

Howard holds an engineering degree as well as a Limited Appraiser Michigan License. Howard has successfully completed the four-course core educational requirements for the American Society of Appraisers Machinery and Technical Specialty designation.
Erica Barker Erica Barker has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Eastern Michigan University. While attending Eastern, Erica was involved with several fundraisers for nonprofit organizations including St.Baldricks and The American Red Cross. She holds a membership with Sigma Alpha Lambda, a national honors society. Erica has been a key element at Frischman Appraisal & Consulting for marketing and advertising campaigns as well as administrative support and research.